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The News Morbid Angel And Obituary Were Featured As A Jeopardy! Question

I’ll take Squirming Pits Of Abomination for $400, Alex.

Features 10 Albums That Signaled The Death Of A Trend

Here are 10 records that, for good or for bad, announced the end of an era within rock.

Features The Underground Sounds Of America: Violation Wound

The new death-thrash outfit featuring Autopsy and ex-Abscess members incites its own brand of rage.

Features 12 Bands Who Succeeded By Never Selling Out

Here are 12 bands who’ve conquered the world be refusing to sacrifice what they believe in.

The News Enforced Want To Borrow Your Birthday Suit In Disturbing New Video, Skinned Alive

Exclusive: The new video by Richmond’s Enforced shows the lead-up to your nightmare.

The News FAQ: Death Metal

We answer the Internet’s most popular queries about the world’s most brutal music.

The News How This Death Metal Bassist Works His Day Job From The Road

Tomb Mold’s Steve Musgrave doesn’t let touring with his brutal death metal band get in the way of his career.

The News A Dying Fetus Track Appeared On South Park

In the latest episode of South Park, Stan’s new band Crimson Dawn get brutal as hell.

The News Greta Thunberg's Death Metal Cover Is Officially A Single, With All Proceeds Going To Greenpeace

How Dare You, the death metal version of Greta Thunberg’s climate change speech, is now available for purchase.

The News Greta Thunberg: "From Now On, I Will Be Doing Death Metal Only!"

Teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg was a good sport about the death metal mash-up of her recent speech.

The News Watch Greta Thunberg Sing Swedish Death Metal

This YouTuber’s metallization of Greta Thunberg’s speech shows just how brutal the activist truly is.

Features How Gatecreeper Are Leading Death Metal Out Of The Underground

With their savage new album, Tucson’s Gatecreeper might become the first “stadium death metal” band.