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The News Indian Post-Rockers aswekeepsearching Go Deep On Their Powerful New Track

Exclusive: Indian post-rock crew aswekeepsearching may only sing in Hindi, but their new track is universally beautiful.

The News Creeping Death Go Truly Underground In Cavernous New Video

Exclusive: The new video by Texas death metallers Creeping Death descends into untold depths.

The News Monolord Provide Peace Of Mind Through Crushing Doom On Their New Album

Exclusive: Stream Monolord’s huge-yet-thoughtful No Comfort before its release this Friday.

The News Exalt Bash Through Modern Metallic Hardcore With Ferocious New Single

Exclusive: On their new single, Ontario’s Exalt go for the throat.

The News Hundred Suns (Norma Jean, ex-Every Time I Die) Go Hard In The Hard Rock Paint

Exclusive: The new video by Hundred Suns throws down the hard rock gauntlet.

The News Weathers Show The Manic Side Of Depression On Their New Single

Exclusive: The upbeat new track by LA-based alt-rock crew Weathers is a brightly-lit journey into anxiety.

The News Orthodox Want To Watch You Bleed In Turbulent New Video

Exclusive: The new video by Nashville’s Orthodox is an impassioned plea for vengeful bloodletting.

The News Cloud Rat's New Album Is A Gem Of Pure Bile

Exclusive: Stream the grindcore blowtorch of Cloud Rat’s Pollinator before its release this Friday.

The News Cloak's New Video Plunges The World Into Fathomless Night

Exclusive: The latest video by Atlanta occult metallers Cloak swallows the sun and spits out the skull.

The News Vultures Get Magically Disgusting In New Animated Video

Exclusive: The new video by Canadian hardcore upstarts Vultures is a like being mugged by Wallace and Gromit.

The News Hail The Sun Prepare For Heartache In Their New Video

Exclusive: According to frontman Donovan Melero, Hail The Sun’s new video is all about the inevitable bummer.

Features Chastity Break The Devil's Heart In Forlorn New Video

Exclusive: The new video by Canadian alt-rock act Chastity shows the sad, clumsy face of evil.