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The News Ghost Spirit Take Emo To Dark Places On Anguished New Track

Exclusive: Listen to the latest offering by LA screamo act Ghost Spirit.

The News Rod Of Correction (Take Offense, Narrows) Get Hard As Rock In New Video

Exclusive: Indulge your inner ’80s metal psycho with the new video from Rod Of Correction.

Features Brand Of Sacrifice Slam Through “The Death Metal of Anime” In New Video

Exclusive: In their new video, Berserk-themed deathcore crew Brand Of Sacrifice bring down the God Hand.

The News Western Settings Descend Deeper Into Playful Nihilism On New Single

Exclusive: Western Settings’ new single Break will have you dancing and crying at the same time.

The News Israeli Thrashers Shredhead Put The World In A Headlock In Their New Video

Exclusive: In their new video, Israel’s Shredhead get big in Japan, and then some.

The News Anamorph Get Dreamy And Elaborate In Their New Video

Exclusive: The latest video by North Carolina prog quartet Anamorph is an exercise in technical ecstasy.

The News Tallah's New Video Reveals The Gritty Modern Face Of Nu-Metal

Exclusive: The video for Tallah’s latest offering shows just how brutal nu-metal’s new wave truly is.

The News After Being Arrested in NYC, Coarse Take on The NYPD With New Song

EXCLUSIVE: The noisy hardcore duo premiere a track from their upcoming new EP that tears into New York City’s Finest.

Features False Premiere Their Devastating New Album, Portent

EXCLUSIVE: Listen to the Minnesota black metal outfit’s sophomore release in advance of its release this Friday.

The News Exclusive: Frail Body's New Video Celebrates The Frantic Beauty Of The Basement Show

You can almost smell the laundry room in Frail Body’s new live compilation video.

The News Exclusive: Serpent Of Gnosis (Job For A Cowboy, Black Dahlia Murder) Get Terrifying In New Video

The frantic new video by Serpent Of Gnosis is awesome but jarring as hell.

The News Exclusive: State Faults' New Track Flails With Satanic Panic

Listen to the eerie, frantic new song by Californian rockers State Faults.