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The News Even The Interludes From Tool's Fear Inoculum Are In The Top 25 Of Billboard's Rock Chart

Every song from Tool’s new album is on Billboard’s Top Rock Songs chart — including the interlude tracks.

Features Why It’s Important That Tool Unseated Taylor Swift On The Billboard Charts

No shade to Ms. Swift, but Tool topping the Billboard charts this week has implications for rock as a whole.

Features Kerrang! Writers Give Their First Reactions To Tool's New Album, Fear Inoculum

Tool’s new album, Fear Inoculum, has finally made its way into the world. But is it any good? Can we even tell? Here, a handful of Kerrang! writers share their initial thoughts

Features The Internet Reacts To Tool's New Album, Fear Inoculum

We’ve gathered some of the best Twitter responses to Tool’s new album Fear Inoculum

The News Listen To Tool's New Album, Fear Inoculum, Here!

The wait is over — listen to Tool’s first full-length album in 13 years, Fear Inoculum, right now!

Reviews Album Review: Tool – Fear Inoculum

After a 13-year wait, Tool go beyond their own frontiers as they finally release their fifth album Fear Inoculum

Features Tool's New Album: A Timeline Of Rumors

With Tool’s new album finally dropping this Friday, we look at all the rumors and false starts leading up to it.

The News Why Tool's New Album Is Called Fear Inoculum

We talk to Tool’s Danny and Justin about the meaning behind Fear Inoculum

Features The First Reaction To Tool's New Song Fear Inoculum

Tool have finally released new music in the shape of Fear Inoculum. Here’s what we think about it…

The News Tool Release New Song Fear Inoculum

Listen to Tool’s brand new single Fear Inoculum