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Features Why I'll be a metalhead until the day I die

In planning for his own demise, one K! writer determines he’ll never grow out of the ridiculous music he loves to death.

Features 11 bands who single-handedly launched genres

Here are 11 bands whose genre of music didn’t exist until they started playing it…

Features Why You Should Marry A Metalhead

Looking for a life partner? Get in the pit.

Features Remembering Jill Janus of Huntress

On the anniversary of her death, we look back at the incredible talent and tragic passing of Huntress’ Jill Janus.

Features The 13 Best Heavy Metal T-Shirts Of All-Time – Ranked

A baker’s dozen of heavy metal’s greatest t‑shirts. Probably not ones to wear to graduation…

The News Metalheads Are The Music Fans Most Likely To Have Sex In Cars, Study Says

A new study has discovered that if the van is a‑rockin’, it’s probably to Dokken.

Features King Diamond’s Live Show Will Remind You Why You Became A Metalhead

In Brooklyn, New York, the King proves why he’s the greatest showman in heavy metal, along with help from Idle Hands and Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats.

The News Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman Attended An Iron Maiden Show

Turns out country star Keith Urban and actress Nicole Kidman love Iron Maiden.

The News Heavy Metal Is Good For Your Health, According To Recent Study

A new study has found that heavy metal has a ton of health benefits for its fans.

The News Finland's First-Ever Heavy Metal Knitting Championship Was An Insane Spectacle

Finland’s Heavy Metal Knitting World Championship provided a combination you never knew you needed.

The News Nastie Band (Faith No More, Villains) Live Up To Their Name On Diabolical New Track

Exclusive: On their new single, New York City’s Nastie Band boil down everything you love about evil metal.

The News Black Sabbath Admit They Don't Listen to Much Heavy Metal

When you invent a genre, you probably don’t need to listen to it.