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Features "There’s no movie like it": Why Alien continues to terrify and inspire musicians

Over 40 years since it first hit cinemas, we look at the chest-bursting terror of Ridley Scott’s Alien.

Features How Well Would You Survive In A Horror Movie With These Rock Stars?

Corey Taylor, Jared Leto, Alice Cooper and loads of other musicians have appeared in horror flicks. How would you get on if you were stuck with them? Let’s find out…

Features 13 Kickass Horror Soundtracks To Amplify Your Halloween

Sick and tired of Thriller? Sink your fangs into this collection of hard rock anthems and killer riffs from some of your favorite gore flicks.

Features Every Rob Zombie film, ranked from worst to best

From his Halloween interpretations to the Firefly Family tales, we rank Rob Zombie’s movies in order of greatness

The News Krzysztof Penderecki, Atonal Composer Who Influenced Some Of Rock's Heaviest Artists, Dead at 86

Farewell to the man who influenced everyone from Jimmy Page to Lingua Ignota to Stanley Kubrick…

The News Stuart Gordon, Director Of Re-Animator, Dead At 72

The cult horror filmmaker was also known for From Beyond, Castle Freak, and the screenplay for Honey, I Shrunk The Kids!

Features Igorrr's 10 Most Disturbing Horror Scenes Of All Time

From classic cinema to video game malformities, these are the most disturbing horror scenes Igorrr has ever witnessed.

The News GosT's New Video Is All The Juiciest Bits Of A Classic ’80s Slasher Movie

In his video for Dreadfully Pious, synthwave pioneer GosT goes full gonzo horror.

The News Jordan Peele's Candyman Revealed In Gut-Wrenching New Trailer

The first trailer for Jordan Peele’s new incarnation of Candyman brings the urban legend to life.

The News Video Nasties' New Single Is A Sonic Vat Of Boiling Acid

The new track by Liverpool black’n’rollers Video Nasties is a Z‑rated blast of ripping metal mayhem.

The News Best Dad Ever Has Jason Voorhees Pick His Son Up From School On His Birthday

A father in Plymouth made his son’s dream come true by having vicious slasher Jason Voorhees pick him up from school.

Features 10 Horror Movies You Need To See In 2020

Turn down the lights and lock the doors – here are 10 movies that’ll scare the hell out of you in 2020.