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Features 9 of the craziest rock star injuries of all time

From broken bones to amputated toes, here are nine of rock music’s most hardcore injuries.

The News Slipknot's Tortilla Man Split His Face Open Onstage

In a new interview, Corey Taylor revealed that Slipknot’s new percussionist is the pube in the coke.”

The News Papa Roach Guitarist To Miss Tour Dates Due To Broken Fingers

Papa Roach guitarist Jerry Horton will be unable to perform at some of their upcoming tour dates.

The News Watch Corey Taylor Stop A Slipknot Show When The Mosh-Pit Gets Too Dangerous

When a pit got out of control at Saturday night’s Slipknot show, Corey Taylor put a stop to that shit real quick.

The News Korn Tribute Band's Drummer Suffers Stroke Onstage, Refuses To Stop Playing

A Korn cover band’s drummer finished playing Helmet In The Bush, even as he had a stroke.

The News Watch Vio-Lence's Phil Demmel Accidentally Rip Out A Stagediver's Hair

A Vio-lence gig somehow got crazier when a stagediver’s hair got tangled in the headstock of Phil Demmel’s guitar.