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The News Jackass stars discuss the scenes that were too violent for TV

Steve‑O reminisces about the time Johnny Knoxville shot himself”. Ha… ha?

The News Jackass Forever has been pushed back to 2022

Paramount have announced that Jackass Forever, Top Gun: Maverick and Mission: Impossible 7 will all now be released next year.

The News Watch the trailer for Jackass Forever

Steve‑O, Johnny Knoxville, Chris Pontius and more return for the fourth Jackass movie, Jackass Forever

The News Jackass 4 title and first official photos revealed

The trailer for the newly-titled Jackass Forever is arriving next week (July 20). Before then, there’s some gnarly photos to be seen…

Features How Jackass Changed Pop Culture Forever

Jackass was about more than vomiting and severe genital injury… Not only is it basically responsible for YouTube’s success, but it made a bunch of genuine maniacs household names

Features Every time the cast of Jackass showed up in music videos

From Johnny Knoxville to Steve‑O to Bam Margera and beyond, the Jackass crew have popped in quite a few music videos over the years… sometimes hurting themselves in the process

The News Jackass 4 Is Officially Coming in 2021

The pain arrives on March 52021.