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The News Tool's Sober got Jason Momoa into playing bass: "I could just feel the connection"

Khal Drogo / Aquaman / all-round dude Jason Momoa reveals his passion for bass exploded” when he learned to play Tool’s Sober.

The News Watch Jason Momoa React To Metallica's S&M2

If you’re a Jason Momoa fan, you’re a Metallica fan.”

The News Go Behind The Scenes With Jason Momoa On The New Ozzy Osbourne Video

Watch Jason Momoa channel The Prince Of Darkness in this awesome behind-the-scenes teaser of Ozzy’s Scary Little Green Men video.

The News Actor Jason Momoa Partied Backstage With Slayer And Anthrax

The Aquaman and Game Of Thrones actor is apparently quite the metalhead.