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The News Talinda Bennington and Warped Tour's Kevin Lyman Announce Mental Health-Centric Festival

The 320 Festival will be a day-long event promoting mental health awareness.

The News Mayhem Festival Is Coming Back In 2020

The early 2010s metal festival is apparently being revived in 2020.

The News How A Death Metal Show Inspired Warped Tour

In the latest episode of our podcast Inside Track, Warped founder Kevin Lyman reveals the unlikely place he came up with the tour.

The News Here's What Really Caused The Downfall of Warped Tour

Founder Kevin Lyman explains how the scene that built Warped Tour ripped the festival apart from within.

The News Warped Tour: The True Story Revealed In New Episode Of Our Podcast, Inside Track

Warped Tour founder Kevin Lyman and members of Sum 41 and Less Than Jake explain the rise, fall, and legacy of the festival in our new episode of Inside Track.

The News Tomorrow: The True Story Of Warped Tour's Rise And Fall, Told In Our Podcast

Members of Sum 41 and Less Than Jake — along with fest founder Kevin Lyman — reveal the hidden history of Vans Warped Tour in the latest episode of our podcast, Inside Track.

The News Chester Bennington's Wife Talinda Is Working With Kevin Lyman On A New Project

Talinda Bennington is working with Warped Tour’s Kevin Lyman on the 320 Project

Features Farewell, Warped Tour: An Account From One Of The Festival’s Last Shows

With boots on the ground (and in the air), we say goodbye to the Festival of a Generation.