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Features Metallica: The untold story of the album that changed everything

After four albums of world-beating thrash, Metallica looked to push things to the limit and become the biggest metal band on the planet with 1991’s colossal Black’ album. As the record turns 30 and the band celebrate with the triumphant Metallica Blacklist, Jason Newsted and Kirk Hammett look back at how it all happened…

The News Members of Metallica Form Classic Rock Cover Band

Want to hear members of Metallica cover Black Sabbath?

The News Watch Metallica's Kirk Hammett And Robert Trujillo Cover Celtic Frost Live

Kirk and Robert from Metallica busted out Celtic Frost’s The Usurper in Zurich.

The News Watch Metallica's James Hetfield And Kirk Hammett Play The National Anthem At A San Francisco Giants Game

Papa Het and Kirk Von Hammett played the Star-Spangled Banner before Lars threw out the first pitch at a San Francisco Giants game.

The News Les Claypool Says Primus Will Open For Slayer's Final Tour Dates This Fall

During a recent podcast interview, Les Claypool revealed that Primus will be joining Slayer on their very last U.S. tour leg this fall.


Lars Ulrich reveals the creative decisions made during their 1988 album production process.