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The News Watch Lars Ulrich Drumming With Mumford & Sons

Lars Ulrich joins Mumford & Sons onstage at Austin City Limits festival

The News Lars Ulrich On James Hetfield's Recovery: "He's In The Process Of Healing Himself"

In a recent interview, Lars discussed how amazing the responses have been to James Hetfield’s return to rehab.

The News Metallica Are Officially The Biggest Metal Band In The World

A new report shows that Metallica have sold more tickets than any other heavy metal band, ever.

The News Watch Metallica's James Hetfield And Kirk Hammett Play The National Anthem At A San Francisco Giants Game

Papa Het and Kirk Von Hammett played the Star-Spangled Banner before Lars threw out the first pitch at a San Francisco Giants game.

The News Lars Ulrich Reflects On Metallica's First Ever Gig

Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich remembers his first ever gig

Features Metallica's Lars Ulrich Details How Rock'N'Roll Ruined His Life (Not Really)

I still have a crazy thing about music. I’ve never lost the sense of being a fan…”


Lars Ulrich reveals the creative decisions made during their 1988 album production process.