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In our latest installment of our Art Of The Record series, the almighty Norma Jean strive to capture their message in the studio.

The News Vatican Are The Glitch In The System In Jarring New Video

Exclusive: The new video by Savannah metalcore crew Vatican is like a computer virus for the soul.

Features 14 Bands Who Wouldn't Be Here Without Converge

On the 15th anniversary of You Fail Me’s release, we look at bands for whom Converge paved the way.

The News Exalt Bash Through Modern Metallic Hardcore With Ferocious New Single

Exclusive: On their new single, Ontario’s Exalt go for the throat.

Features 20 Years On, Will Haven Look Back At The Album That Defined Them

On the 20th anniversary of its release, the founding members of Will Haven remember WHVN.


Norma Jean get sweaty and tumultuous in our latest Brooklyn K! Pit.

The News Orthodox Want To Watch You Bleed In Turbulent New Video

Exclusive: The new video by Nashville’s Orthodox is an impassioned plea for vengeful bloodletting.

The News Tomorrow: Watch Norma Jean Go Full Bore On A Tiny Brooklyn Dive Bar

Tune in to see Norma Jean bring pure rock fury to the Brooklyn incarnation of our K! Pit series.

Features For Kayzo, Rock And Electronic Music Are Exciting Allies

How genre-bending DJ Kayzo teamed up with metalcore royalty to create a strange hybrid beast on his new album.

The News The Devil Wears Prada Reveal New Album Details

Ohio metalcore legends The Devil Wears Prada have revealed the cover and tracklisting of their new album, The Act.

Features 11 Bands Who Single-Handedly Launched Genres

Here are 11 bands whose genre of music didn’t exist until they started playing it.

The News Beartooth Release Live Video For You Never Know

Beartooth have unleashed a video of their vicious performance of You Never Know at Rock Am Ring