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Features Symphony Of Destruction: The Story Behind Metallica's S&M Album

20 years ago, Metallica and the San Francisco Symphony orchestra gave us S&M. We look back at how it came to be…

Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth And More Appear In New Bay Area Thrash Documentary

Murder In The Front Row charts the history of thrash through Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth and more

Lars Ulrich Reflects On Metallica's First Ever Gig

Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich remembers his first ever gig

The News Watch Metallica Play Here Comes Revenge Live For The First Time

Metallica gave Here Comes Revenge its live premiere in Texas

Watch Metallica's Full Set From The Chris Cornell Tribute Concert

Metallica’s set from the Chris Cornell tribute concert is available to watch

Watch Metallica Cover Judas Priest With Lars Ulrich On Vocals

Metallica covered Judas Priest’s Delivering The Goods in their latest Tuning Room session

Serial Killer Movie Starring James Hetfield To Premiere At Sundance Film Festival

James Hetfield stars as a cop in the upcoming movie about serial killer Ted Bundy

Watch Metallica Perform Acoustic Version Of The Four Horsemen

Metallica performed a special acoustic rendition of their classic The Four Horsemen live in San Francisco.

The News Why Ghost And Bokassa Are Supporting Metallica In Europe

Metallica’s Lars Ulrich reveals why the thrash legends picked Ghost and Bokassa for their European tour.

The News

Trapped in purgatory, a lifeless object alive…

Former Blackout Vocalist Sean Smith Launches Podcast

Plus: Sean reveals details of new band Raiders.

Features A Love Letter To Nu-Metal Beards

Mike Rampton explores the curious facial topiary that dominated a genre.