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The News Coheed And Cambria's New Video Is A Surreal Love Letter To Their Fans

The new video for Coheed And Cambria’s True Ugly is a mixture of live performances, smiling fans, and some creepy-ass animal masks.

Whitechapel's New Video Is A Horrifying Possession Story

In their new video, deathcore outsiders Whitechapel tell a very different sort of break-up story.

Amon Amarth Need Los Angeles-Based Extras For Their New Video

Do you live in the City Of Angels, but prefer valkyries? Amon Amarth want YOU to be in their new video!

In Ecclesia Diabolica Catholica, the Polish death metallers use awesome occult art to illustrate Christianity’s grotesque nature.

The GRAMMY-nominated hard rockers go after guns, God, and good ol’ American values in their Purge-tastic new offering.

The News Avatar Blows Past Its Kickstarter Goal of $50k in Fewer Than 90 Minutes

Fundraising for the movie the band plans on producing has already exceeded expectations.

The New Jersey emo-punk crew show how they formed in the latest video from their much-anticipated new album.

Frontman Michael Orlando holds a bizarre Turing test in his band’s cinematic new vid.

The News Slipknot Post Cryptic Casting Call For Their New Music Video

Really, who DOESN’T want to be in a Slipknot video?

The Portland, Oregon, rockers cover a song by Gary Numan’s Tubeway Army in their latest badass video.

Video Exclusive: Impending Doom Premiere New Music Video for Everything's Fake

The California deathcore band reveal their first video from their upcoming album, The Sin and Doom Vol. II