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The News Pete Davidson is “really f*cking nervous” about playing Joey Ramone in Netflix biopic

Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson says he’s still in shock” that he’s playing Joey Ramone in upcoming Netflix biopic I Slept With Joey Ramone.

Features From Fear Street to Goosebumps: How R.L. Stine terrified a generation

Robert Lawrence Stine – the mastermind behind Fear Street and Goosebumps – has done so much more for horror and culture than you realise…

The News Corey Taylor, Lzzy Hale, Scott Ian and more unite on new song Thunder Force

Corey Taylor, Lzzy Hale, Scott Ian and more have joined forces for a new track on upcoming Netflix movie Thunder Force.

Features Architects’ Sam Carter: Why you need to watch Seaspiracy on Netflix

Architects frontman / Sea Shepherd Ambassador Sam Carter discusses the importance of Ali Tabrizi’s alarming new documentary on Netflix, Seaspiracy.

The News Tom Morello teams up with Game Of Thrones creators for new movie, Metal Lords

Tom Morello joins Game Of Thrones co-creators D.B. Weiss and David Benioff for Netflix’s Metal Lords, a new film about two kids who want to start a heavy metal band in a high school”.

The News Tim Burton to direct new Wednesday Addams Netflix series

Netflix have started teasing Wednesday, a new live-action Wednesday Addams series from director Tim Burton.

The News Night Stalker Richard Ramirez was on death row at San Quentin when Metallica filmed their St. Anger video

Kirk Hammett reveals he was given a Metallica magazine with a subscription tag that said Richard Ramirez’ while filming the video for St. Anger at San Quentin.

The News Funko announce The Umbrella Academy season 2 POP!s

Nine new Umbrella Academy season 2 POP! vinyl figures have been announced during the Funko Fair.

The News Fans think Gerard Way could make a cameo in Umbrella Academy season 3

Will Umbrella Academy creator Gerard Way make a cameo appearance in season 3 of the smash Netflix show?

The News The Umbrella Academy season 3 announces Sparrow Academy cast members

Netflix have unveiled The Sparrow Academy cast members joining season 3 of The Umbrella Academy.

The News The Umbrella Academy Has Been Renewed For Season 3

Netflix have confirmed that there’s another season of The Umbrella Academy on the way…

The News Gerard Way Shares New Photos From Umbrella Academy Season 2

The first images from season two of The Umbrella Academy are here!