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Features Remembering the time The Distillers irritated a British priest with their Coral Fang album artwork

The Distillers caused something of a controversy amongst the British clergy with their Coral Fang artwork, and we were kind of responsible, to be honest.

Features 10 Bands Who Have Been Banned By The Church

Screw Sunday mass — here are 10 rock bands whose concerts and songs were banned by religious authorities.

The News Behemoth Frontman Thrown Out Of YMCA For Wearing Darkthrone Shirt, Not Loving Jesus

Apparently, Behemoth frontman Nergal was confronted at an American YMCA for hailing Fenriz as his savior.

The News Why Gideon Are Proud To Be Southern, Even After Losing Their Faith

Though they’ve left their Southern Baptist traditions behind, Alabama’s Gideon will always love the south.

Features Gideon Gave Up Christianity and Made Their Best Album To Date

How Alabama metalcore quartet Gideon brought their new album to life without the help of religion…and produced their best work ever.

The News The Satanic Temple Declared A Religion By The U.S. Government

The infamous Satanic Temple is now an official religion, according to the U.S. government.

The News New Study Finds Nonbelievers Are Bigger Metalheads Than Religious People

An Australian sociologist posits that Christians are less likely to defend the faith

The News Nergal On Christian Missionary Murder: "This Idiot Asked For That, No?"

The Behemoth frontman offers his thoughts on John Allen Chau, who was killed by tribespeople the North Sentinel island on November 17.

The News Ghost Are All About "Bringing Glory To Satan", Claims Texas Pastor

A religious group are praying outside a venue in Midland, Texas ahead of the Swedish band’s show.