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Features Obey Your Maestro: Metallica, Cliff Burton, and metal's classical heart

Ahead of Metallica's S&M2 album, Lars, Kirk and Robert dig deep into the influence of classical music on the world's biggest metal band

The News Metallica's S&M2 Movie Is Coming Back To Cinemas This Month

Miss it the first time? Metallica's S&M2 is coming back to screens at the end of October

Features Why Metallica's S&M Was Even Better 20 Years Later

Reuniting with the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra, Metallica delivered the concert of the decade this month. We were in San Francisco to witness The Four Horsemen on more fearless form than ever…

The News Lars Ulrich Reveals His Highlights From Metallica's S&M2 Shows

Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich reveals his favourite moments from S&M2

The News This Is The Setlist From Metallica's Epic S&M2 Show

Here's what Metallica played at the opening night of their S&M2 shows

The News Metallica's Lars Ulrich Says S&M2 Will Be "An Opportunity For New Discoveries"

Metallica must be planning something special for the S&M anniversary shows

The News Metallica's S&M2 Performance Coming To Theaters For One Night Only

Want to see Metallica's S&M 20th anniversary show? It'll be in cinemas for one night only.