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Features 10 Of The Most Believably Satanic Bands

Here are 10 bands whose love of Satan feels wholly genuine.

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We meet up with the Global Order of Satan to find out what Satanism actually means in 2020

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What exactly is The Satanic Temple? We talk to Penny Lane, the mind behind new documentary Hail Satan?, to find out…

The News Behemoth Release Disturbing, NSFW New Video

In their latest music video, Behemoth indulge in some delicious satanic nightmare fuel.

The News Bids Of $666 Are Forbidden On Jeopardy!

Bad news for satanists: it turns out you can’t wager $666 on Jeopardy!

The News The Satanic Temple Declared A Religion By The U.S. Government

The infamous Satanic Temple is now an official religion, according to the U.S. government.