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The News Black Breath Bassist Elijah Nelson Dead At 40

The bassist for the Seattle melodic powerviolence crew passed away over the weekend.

The News Post/Boredom Get Frantically Metaphysical On Their New Album

Exclusive: Stream the new album by Seattle hardcore crew Post/Boredom before its release this Friday.

Features Serial Hawk Deliver Shimmering, Emotional Doom on Static Apnea

EXCLUSIVE: Stream Serial Hawk’s gorgeous second album, Static Apnea, ahead of its release tomorrow.

Features Hear the Ambitious, Expansive Debut Album From Seattle's Reader

Hear Engrams, the debut album from Seattle’s new band Reader, before it comes out tomorrow.

The News Exclusive: Seattle's Dead Bars Are "Committed To Bleed" On Their New Album, Regulars

Listen to Dead Bars’ Jack Endino-produced new album, Regulars, in its entirety before its release on Friday.

Features 8 Seattle Bands Keeping The City's Heavy Legacy Alive

Seattle’s glory days didn’t end in the 90s.

Features TAD: Still Heavier Than God's Balls

On the 30th anniversary of TAD’s debut LP, God’s Balls, Tad Doyle talks about Sub Pop, Nirvana, and that legendary Seattle sound.

Features The Underground Sounds of America: Bell Witch

If you like your doom metal really, really doomy…Bell Witch might still not be heavy enough for you.