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The News Watch Pantera Play Becoming To 60,00 European Fans In 1998

Celebrate the anniversary of Far Beyond Driven’s release by watching Pantera weak havoc at Dynamo 1998.

The News Watch Foo Fighters' Earliest-Known Live Footage From 1995

In honor of the band’s 25th anniversary, the earliest-known live footage of Foo Fighters from 1995 has surfaced.

The News Watch My Chemical Romance Do An Interview From The Back Of A Van In 2002

Check out this footage of a baby-faced MCR chatting from the backseat of a van in 2002.

The News Watch Rammstein Play A Tiny Club At One Of Their First Shows In 1994

This footage of a 1994 club show proves that even before they had their massive stage production, Rammstein still crushed.

The News Watch Code Orange’s Future Bassist Losing His Shit At One Of The Band’s Earliest Shows

This 2010 Code Orange Kids show proves that some rock’n’roll dreams do come true.

The News Is This The First Heavy Metal Drum Solo Ever?

A classic video of Duke Ellington drummer Louie Bellson shows what might be the birth of the blastbeat.

The News Watch Fox News Freak Out About "Emo Scene Kids" In 2006

Emo started spreading on the Internet — it just EXPLODED.”

The News Watch Tool's Terrifying First Live Show Ever From 1991

Travel back to 1991 and watch the insane punk rock spectacle of Tool’s first-ever gig.

The News Watch Slayer Play To 80,000 British Fans At Donington In 1992

Watch Slayer make their Donington debut at Monsters Of Rock 1992.

The News Watch Pearl Jam Play Their First Live Show Ever In 1990

Check out grunge history in the making with this footage of Pearl Jam’s 1990 live debut.

The News Watch Marilyn Manson Play His First Acoustic Show Ever In 1991

Have your mind blown by this video of a young Marilyn Manson playing an acoustic in-store gig in 1991.