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Features The 20 most metal video game characters – ranked

Pirates, bounty hunters, free-runners, general absolute badasses of the highest order… Here we count down the most metal characters to ever grace a video game.

The News Listen To Bring Me The Horizon's Powerful New Single, Ludens

Check out Bring Me The Horizon’s new song from the Death Stranding soundtrack.

The News The Diablo IV Trailer Might Be The Most Metal Thing You Watch Today

Blood magic, hell priests, and the daughter of hatred — Hell YES.

The News Bring Me The Horizon To Release New Song On Upcoming Video Game Soundtrack

A brand new Bring Me The Horizon song will appear on the soundtrack of Death Stranding this November.

The News Jonathan Davis On His Rock Star Fighting Game That Never Happened

In a recent interview, Korn’s Jonathan Davis discussed a fighting game featuring Marilyn Manson and Fred Durst.

The News Watch Mutoid Man Jam On A Medley Of Video Game Themes Outside Of New York Comic Con

The Brooklyn thrashers and a grown-ass man dressed as Sailor Moon crush 8‑bit classics from Sonic The Hedgehog, Castlevania, and more.