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A New Soundgarden Album Featuring Unreleased Chris Cornell Recordings Is “Entirely Possible”

Soundgarden’s Kim Thayil believes that the band have another record in them.

Not for the first time, guitarist Kim Thayil has been asked about the potential for a new Soundgarden record featuring unreleased recordings by the late Chris Cornell.

Having spoken previously about the existence of unheard material with Chris’ vocals, Kim recently expanded on those comments, telling SiriusXM’s Trunk Nation LA Invasion of the possibility of new Soundgarden songs emerging:

“It is entirely possible, because that’s what we were doing… We definitely have another record in us. Stuff that’s written, stuff that’s demoed and recorded – certainly. All it would need is to take the audio files that are available. I’d tighten up the guitar stuff that’s on there, add other stuff. Ben [Shepherd] does the bass. Matt [Cameron] is able to get the drums he wants. We can get the producers we want to make it sound like a Soundgarden record. And yes, we can totally do that.”

Explaining the reasoning for anything potentially hindering the plans for a follow-up to King Animal, Kim simply stated that it was all down to if they could get ahold of Chris’ old recordings.

“There shouldn’t be – there really isn’t – other than the fact that we don’t have those files,” he said. “And I think that will happen. It would be ridiculous if it didn’t. But these are difficult things – partnerships and property.”

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Earlier in the year, Kerrang! asked Kim if fans would ever get to hear a new full-length, to which the six-stringer replied: “When Soundgarden ended, prior to that last tour, we had spent a year on and off in-between Pearl Jam gigs and Chris’ solo tours, we would get together and write. We had written and demoed over half a dozen songs that were complete and we probably had another half a dozen in development stage and we were working on the next album, the follow-up to King Animal. We could probably finish them – it would require me, Matt and Ben to get the vocal performances that Chris recorded and play along with it to finish the songs. We can do that. And sometime in the future we will do that.

“At this point, we don’t have possession of those work tapes. There’s a lot of loose ends there, stuff that I would love to do with Matt and Ben. There’s some stuff I’d like to find out if Chris had written lyrics for any of these musical ideas. We don’t know yet.”

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Posted on November 12th 2019, 11:00am
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