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A New System Of A Down Album Won’t Be “Happening Anytime Soon”

Vocalist and guitarist Daron Malakian has given an update of sorts on a new System Of A Down album.

While there’s been plenty of back and forth in the System Of A Down camp regarding a potential new album, it looks like the current state of any sort of record is… well, not especially promising.

In a new interview with Consequence Of Sound, vocalist and guitarist Daron Malakian has discussed how the members of SOAD have “different ways of wanting to do things” when it comes to making music, and that instead he’s content currently working with his other band, Scars On Broadway.

We all get along as friends in System Of A Down,” Daron says. “So as friends, everything is cool and I have no problems with anybody. But then as band members, we tend to have different ways of wanting to do things. And it doesn’t seem like we meet eye to eye as band members. So, I never say never because you never know what happens. But at the same time, I don’t see that happening anytime soon that we’re all going to get together and make a new System Of A Down album.”

The musician also addressed the statements made last year between him and frontman Serj Tankian, where Daron had originally told Kerrang!: “There is one of us that wants to make an album his way. And not everyone is on board with that. That’s been the issue.”

Now, Daron says: “Honestly, I don’t think the fans really give a shit why we’re not making an album, but I think a lot of the fans just want an album … I think Serj might’ve been getting some backlash from fans and felt like he wanted to express himself. Me and him, we’ve talked about it already through email and it’s between me and him. But from my end, I just didn’t want to do a back-and-forth thing. He gave his point of view. I have my own point of view and my own recollections, I guess you could say, of how things went down 10, 15 years ago. But like I said, it’s not something I want to like hash out in front of the fans.”

Catch System Of A Down live at the following dates this year:


17 Columbus, OH – Sonic Temple Festival
18 Chicago, IL – Chicago Open Air

Posted on May 1st 2019, 10:23am
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