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A Sex Pistols Biopic Is In The Works

Punk icons the Sex Pistols are following Queen and Mötley Crüe by getting their own biopic.

Nevermind Queen and Mötley Crüe — here come the Sex Pistols! The punk icons are the latest band to get the cinematic treatment.

The NME reports that UK-based production company Starlight Films are already in the works of creating a film about the life and career of the Pistols. The film has been in development for 18 months, and while it hasn’t begun shooting, casting is set to start any minute now.

The focus of the film will be on manager Malcolm McLaren and fashion designer Vivenne Westwood, whose Chelsea clothing shop SEX became a hub of punk culture in the 70s. The film will also follow the Sex Pistols’ rise and fall over the course of their tumultuous yet short career.

We were impressed by the box office takings for Bohemian Rhapsody,” filmmaker Ayesha Plunkett told the Daily Star. It only goes to show the public has an appetite for these films.”

In an interview about the 40th-anniversary reissue of debut Sex Pistols album Never Mind The Bollocks, guitarist Steve Jones told us, Obviously one of me best mates was Cooky [Pistols drummer Paul Cook]; he came along for the ride. There were a couple of other blokes; one of them’s dead now, one I don’t talk to. I think they were kind of envious and didn’t embrace my success. But that sort of jealousy is common when you’re young — 20 years old, 19, 18, whatever. Another guy I kept around was called Jimmy Mackin, he was a big guy so I wanted him to help us out when we did live shows. But he killed himself.”

There’s always people creating, the trouble today is there’s so much… stuff,” Steve continued. You’re bombarded with a million things coming at you all at once. It’s hard to absorb things for a period of time; you’re over it after ten minutes and it’s on to the next thing, you know? Back then, technology wasn’t what it was: you still only had three channels on the TV and the only way you’d get to see or hear about a band was in NME or on Top of the Pops. So you had plenty of time to focus on what you liked and figure out what you didn’t.”

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Posted on March 27th 2019, 8:25p.m.
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