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AFI Wrote “Countless Songs” For New EP, Says Davey Havok

The Missing Man will be released on December 7.

AFI frontman Davey Havok has revealed that the band wrote “countless songs” for their forthcoming EP, The Missing Man, during a short break from touring in support their 2017 self-titled album.

“When we returned from what we thought was the end of the Blood Tour, and then almost immediately had plans to go out again, but there were a few months between those plans where we felt it appropriate to release some music, being that we’d been out [on tour] so long on the same music,” Davey tells Kerrang!. “It didn’t work out that way on the timeline, because we wrote – as we tend to do – countless songs for The Missing Man EP. I don’t know how many songs we wrote but far more than five, so by the time the songs were culled down to the five that we chose, we were already on the road. But they’re finally coming out and I’m very happy with the songs themselves.”

Check out this lyric video for the track, Trash Bat.

The vocalist says the band felt just as much pressure writing for the EP as they had for their previous full-lengths

“We were trying to get the music out before we left for the tour, so there was lots of pressure for the timeline that we didn’t need,” he explains. “So we were working under pressure, and diligently, to try to write four or five songs that were worthy of releasing immediately on the heels of Blood, which we were very happy with. It’s always daunting writing new music, because it’s a matter of challenging yourself and finding something that we’re happy with that we feel represents us at the time.”

The Missing Man will be released on December 7.

Posted on December 3rd 2018, 5:00pm
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