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Amy Lee Posts Empowering Statement Addressing “The Lack Of Women In The Mainstream Rock World”

Evanescence’s Amy Lee has posted a thoughtful statement after being asked in an interview about “the lack of women historically on rock radio and in the mainstream rock world”.

After being asked in a recent interview about “the lack of women historically on rock radio and in the mainstream rock world”, Evanescence’s Amy Lee has posted a statement addressing the truth of that question, as well as empowering those who are “changing the game” in the genre.

Amy took to Facebook to admit that she “couldn’t think of anything good to say in the moment” when she was initially asked about women in rock, but that she since “thought about it for a long time after”, writing down her reflections based on over 20 years in music.

Honestly, women do get skipped over,” she begins. “We do get left out of the recap when it all boils down. It is harder to make it onto the cover or the radio. Because our face is not the classic, quintessential face of rock… if you’re thinking of it as a literal face. I think it’s embedded subconsciously in our brains that women in rock are less authentic somehow, like we’re next gen. We’re part 2. Not the original. A niche little off-brand thing.”

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The vocalist continues: “But here’s the deal: The true heart of rock music is the spirit of rebellion. Going against the grain. Challenging views, breaking society’s rules, and unapologetically being who you are. We’re supposed to be the moms, the girlfriends, the fans. But then there are those rogue dissenters who don’t fit the mould and don’t let that stop them from doing what they dream – and that is rock’n’roll!

So all you women out there making your mark in the rock world and changing the game, you are the real thing,” she concludes. “1000 times more legit than any tatted-up riff meisters who merely look the part!”

Hell. Yes.

Previously, Amy told Kerrang! that she felt as though she was treated differently when Evanescence broke through into the mainstream – and that was partly because she was one of the few females in a male-dominated scene.

It’s funny, but it was really hard for me to separate what was me being a kid and what was me being a girl,” she explained. “I think the treatment you get from people is sometimes the same. Either they treat you like a dumb kid, and you don’t know what you’re doing so you should shut up and listen to the guy. Or you’re a girl and you don’t know what you’re talking about so you should shut up and listen to the guy. It gets hard to know the difference. At the beginning of my career I felt like I was fighting a lot against being a kid. Looking back on it, I recognised that some of that was definitely about being a woman.

As I grew up and things changed for us, I learned how to recognise it more,” she added. “I learned how to have more confidence in my gut and how to stand up to that. Even in my band I’ve always been the youngest. It’s funny, I’m the leader, I’m a chick and I’m the youngest one, so it’s gonna take everybody either being really cool or standing back. No matter who you are, no matter what sex you are, you have to know when to stand up for yourself, especially when it comes to art. To say, ‘This is my art, I believe in it and you don’t know better than me because art isn’t about better or worse, it’s about being true to the heart and true to the art. So only I can say what I feel, and you’re going to have to let me say it and not change it.’”

Evanescence’s new single Use My Voice is due out this Friday, August 14 – hear a teaser of it here.

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Posted on August 12th 2020, 3:58pm
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