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Andy Biersack Says There’s “Lots Of Black Veil Brides News Coming Soon”

Black Veil Brides frontman Andy Biersack teased the band’s new album, as well as their 10th anniversary celebration of debut album We Stitch These Wounds.

Though coronavirus has shut down literally hundreds of bands’ touring plans this year, Andy Biersack has confirmed that Black Veil Brides have “lots” of news coming soon regarding their new record, as well as a 10th anniversary celebration of their debut album We Stitch These Wounds.

Both have been in the works for quite some time now, and according to the frontman, the band are “working hard to make sure we give you guys lots of new music in the interim as everyone adjusts to the current global situation”.

Teasing the projects, Andy says that information regarding Restitch These Wounds (the …Wounds rerelease) and the July celebration of their debut is on the way, while the follow-up to 2018’s Vale album is currently in production.

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Late last year, Black Veil Brides returned with two new singles – Saints Of The Blood and The Vengeance – collectively known as The Night, as well as announcing new bassist Lonny Eagleton.

Discussing the concept of unveiling The Night as a ‘duology’ and if BVB might continue to release music in this format, Andy told Kerrang!, “Quite honestly, we’ve been having so much fun writing that it felt like a shame to wait until a full album was written before releasing new music. I see this format as something that’s going to be really enjoyable for us, so much so that we’ve already begun work on the next one we’ll be putting out. There may be the potential to compile several duologies into a full record further down the line, but right now our focus is on making these mini records and having fun with it.”

When asked if this is a more modern and streaming-friendly way of dropping music, Andy pondered, “The music industry feels like the Wild West right now, and you no longer have to stick to the traditional structure of doing things because people are consuming music in different ways. The model of releasing a single, then an album and then another single from that album feels outdated now that you can get a full record on your phone the second it comes out; it feels kind of presumptuous for bands to decide what a second single should be when the fans have already had the album for several months.

“Plus, making mini records that have their own visuals and concepts feels more in line with what Black Veil Brides have always done. Obviously, a record like [2012’s third LP] Wretched And Divine: The Story Of The Wild Ones is meant to be an hour-long journey that the listener goes on, but I think we can create that same effect via bitesize pieces of music released over the course of several months.”

Check out Andy’s latest update below – and watch this space…

Posted on May 26th 2020, 12:36pm
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