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Angel Du$t Have Released A Surprise New EP, Lil House

Turnstile/Trapped Under Ice supergroup Angel Du$t have released a new three-track EP.

Baltimore supergroup Angel Du$t – compromised of members of Turnstile and Trapped Under Ice – have unveiled a surprise new three-track EP, Lil House. 

The release follows the band’s excellent 2019 album Pretty Buff, and hears Angel Du$t continuing their newer poppy, laid-back formula to great effect. Lil House was produced by Rob Schnapf (Kurt Vile, Elliott Smith), and features the songs Turn Off The Guitar, Lil House and Never Ending Game. 

Previously, vocalist Justice Tripp told Kerrang! of the collective influences between each member of the band: It’s no secret that our creative circle between Trapped Under Ice, Turnstile, and Angel Du$t, loves pop music.

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We came up on pop music and [here] there’s less restraint to just explore what we want to pop-wise. And I know that’s something that always rubs people wrong in the hardcore and punk community, and I’m okay with that. I like that.”

He added of how the band use acoustic instruments to channel their punk and hardcore beginnings, I love the energy of hardcore and punk rock music, and I think there are ways to create that energy that a lot of bands forget about. The Feelies is a band that I think create energy using a lot of acoustic instruments and percussive instruments, and they influenced a lot of great bands. And you don’t see that influence a lot – in the world we play to directly, anyways. So for us, it was special to find new ways to create energy without turning the distortion up to 10 and playing as hard as possible.”

Listen to Lil House below:

And watch the video for Never Ending Game:

Posted on July 16th 2020, 2:06p.m.
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