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Angus Young reveals his pick for most regrettable AC/DC song”

AC/DC’s Angus Young isn’t a fan of this track from the band’s discography…

For a band as consistently brilliant as AC/DC, it’s hard to imagine the members of the group not digging too much of their own music across the past 17 records. But guitar god Angus Young has revealed there’s one song in particular that he isn’t a fan of…

When asked by Vulture to name the rock titans’ most regrettable” track, Angus admits that Love Song on 1975’s Australia-only version of debut album High Voltage fits the bill as it doesn’t feel like AC/DC to him.

That was very different for us,” he explains. I didn’t know if we were trying to parody love songs of the time, because Bon [Scott, late frontman] wrote the lyrics. I don’t even remember what the words are. 

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I remember that song because the guy who worked for us at our record label told us that’s what was on the local radio at the time – very soft music. His thought we should release that song, because it’ll probably get some airplay. I remember thinking, Who in their right mind would want this to go out?’ ”

Ouch. There is a positive, however…

We were very fortunate, though, because all of the radio stations who had seen us live knew this was not who we were,” Angus continues. So these stations started to flip the record over and play the other song, which was a cover of a blues standard called Baby, Please Don’t Go. We actually scored a hit from the B‑side! That was the one saving grace of the song.”

Phew. On the total opposite end of things, when asked about his number one AC/DC song”, Angus selects both Riff Raff and Thunderstruck – the former his choice as a guitar player, and the latter as a whole song”. Excellent picks, sir.

Posted on December 14th 2020, 4:13p.m.
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