Arcane Roots Feb17
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Arcane Roots Debut Stunning New Video

Arcane Roots Feb17

Arcane Roots have revealed an epic new video!

Curtains is the latest single from the British rock trio and sees them take the windy hills of Wales to produce a video that is quite simply stunning

Talking about the single front man, Andrew Groves said: “Throughout the writing process there were frequent moments where a visual idea or theme led the music and we wanted to endeavour to bring those moments to life for the audience. We wanted the ‘Curtains’ video to encapsulate all the themes within the record in a very literal way, almost as if it was like an animated piece of the artwork. We wanted to show how the beauty in the miraculous lives we lead, and how it’s forever shrouded before our very eyes, by the weight of the world and all of it’s minutiae.”

Download Curtains here and watch the video below:

Posted on February 1st 2017, 5:36pm
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