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Are My Chemical Romance Going To Play The UK This June?

A cryptic new video on My Chemical Romance’s socials seems to point to something happening in the UK this June…

It’s been a week since My Chemical Romance first alluded to the fact that they could be hitting the UK as part of their ridiculously exciting return, and another new social media teaser is now pointing to a specific date that they could be making their comeback.

Following the initial post which featured a spooky photo and the Union Jack emoji, they’ve now upped the ante with a teaser video this time – again featuring the Union Jack, as well as symbols that the MCRmy have cleverly figured out are taken from the Theban alphabet. Sure.

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As expected, fans were super-quick to decode what the band might be alluding to – even going as far as to perhaps work out the exact date of a potential My Chem performance.

Fingers crossed we get more concrete information very soon!

In other news, it was recently announced that the band’s epic December 20 reunion show last year was in fact the highest-grossing gig for LA venue The Shrine of all time; it grossed a total of $1,451,745 according to the band’s agency Paradigm, as well as also reaching high figures in merch sales.

Speaking to Variety late last year, Paradigm’s Matt Galle said of how the show came about in the first place: “They had been getting offers for [the last] seven to eight years, and had been talking for a while and trying to figure out the right time, and 2019 was a year that that made sense to them. They had some backstory with their [2010 album] Danger Days. They knew they wanted to do one show and now it’s kind of taken on a life of its own. I think they’re excited about the demand and the response and what else is coming for next year.”

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Posted on January 10th 2020, 10:28am
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