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Attila’s Chris Fronzak Offers Teenage Metal Band Hammerhedd A Record Deal On Twitter

When you’re this heavy and your youngest member is 11 years old, you’re going to attract some attention.

Let’s be honest: between the ages of eleven and sixteen, most metalheads are, simply put, soft as fuck. Even those heshers who get started on the extreme stuff early are mostly baby-faced wieners who sneak their parents’ schnapps and ask Satan to help them pass Remedial Spanish.

One thing’s for certain: during their early teens, most metalheads aren’t in a band so heavy that rockstars offer them deals online.

Which is why we at Kerrang! have to give props to Hammerhedd, the Kansas City, MO, three-piece made up of brothers Henry (16, guitar and vocals), Eli (14, drums), and Abe Ismert (11, bass). As you can see, Hammerhedd aren’t here to plunk their way through yet another cover of Mustang Sally — these kids shred.

These kids crush so hard that Attila frontman Chris Fronzak took notice — and straight up offered these kids a deal over Twitter.

Let this be a lesson to young musicians: if you want to get noticed, the best way to do so is to start early, practice hard, and be heavy as all goddamn hell.

Keep up with Hammerhedd on their website and Facebook page.

ATTILA PHOTO: Erick Hernandez

Posted on October 2nd 2018, 7:00pm
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