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Away Days Stream Debut EP

This will take you away for days…
Away Days May 2016

Away Days are streaming their debut EP, exclusively with Kerrang! 

The band, featuring former Blitz Kids men Jono Yates, Matt Freer and Nic Montgomery, are set to release their self-titled debut EP on May 6. However you can whack it in your ears a few days earlier! Oh, and don’t forget to pre-order the EP from speakingtongues.limitedrun.com.

Talking about their new release, Jono Yates said: “I’ve personally never been as proud or as anxious about putting out music before. All these songs are pretty sad because essentially, I’m a pretty sad guy. When you have literally no idea what you’ve been doing or what you want to do with your life at the age of 28 when everyone around you seems so together, you do kind of get this sadness just sat there under the surface. I wanted to get of let a bit of that out with these songs. Just to vent and make myself feel a bit less fucked.

I guess we’ve tried to take pretty dark and taboo subjects like depression and anxiety, especially in ‘Give Me My Life Back’ and put them to super uplifting music. That song is purely about suffering from depression and being really fucking fed up of it having a hold of your life and it’s basically just me screaming ‘FUCK YOU DEPRESSION’ because it’s literally the worst thing in the world.

No music sorts me out than the bands I listened to when I was a kid, so we wanted to capture that energy when we wrote the EP. We’re not trying to reinvent the wheel or push any musical boundaries. I just want people to listen to the songs and feel better, like the bands I loved growing up made me feel. I think that’s the ultimate goal with this. Not selling out shows or even selling records. Just helping people who might need it. Plus singing about this stuff is actually pretty therapeutic too so in that sense I’m just a selfish prick.”

Listen to the EP below and let us know what you think in the comments section.

Catch Away Days live at this year’s Slam Dunk Festival – full line-up below:

Slam Dunk 2016 Stage Splits
Posted on May 3rd 2016, 10:56am
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