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The Battlevests Of Bloodstock

Photographer Chris ​Casey snapped a selection of the weekend’s best battle vests for your entertainment and edification.

Did everyone have fun at Bloodstock this weekend? Isn’t Municipal Waste’s Donald Trump shirt just the best? How did you feel about Kreator’s confetti party? Don’t you just kind of want to be Papa Emeritus III? Is this too many questions?

We had a blast watching everyone and we feel awful today. Bands aren’t the only thing to look at when you’re at Bloodstock though - it’s always a joy to see the selection of battle vests knocking about. Being super low key about the things you love is one way of living your life, or you could just sew the stuff you love straight onto your back and let the world know that Napalm Death are the fucking greatest!

Our buddy, photographer Chris Casey snapped a selection of the weekend’s best battle vests for us, which we’re sharing with you here for your entertainment and edification. Check these out and take a moment to consider the passion and creativity that went into the making of these things, it makes you feel pretty good about the world, doesn’t it?

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