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Batushka Release New Video For Pierwyj Czas

Watch Batushka’s new video for Pierwyj Czas, taken from new album Hospodi

Polish black metallers Batushka are premiering their new video for Pierwyj Czas exclusively with Kerrang!.

Taken from the band’s new 4K-rated album Hospodi, it’s the fifth in a series of ominous, creepy videos from Batushka, inspired by the iconography and regalia of the Eastern Orthodox Church.

Speaking about the new album Hospodi (the Old Church Slavonic word for God), the band say: “The whole album is a concept based on the Liturgy of Death, the prayers for the dead, and Orthodox funeral rites and dirges.

“It’s all about a ritual that involves the dead and the mourners. We also used a lot of old folk songs and elegies from our homeland. These are sung during the wake, around the casket, in the deceased person’s home. Nowadays only a few older people know them and still sing them accordingly in our region. We decided to cherish that tradition and I’m glad that with our album these songs and rites will survive.”

The video below, the follow-up to the fourth chapter Utrenia, depicts a funeral procession through woodland, while a veiled priest performs a ceremony over the casket involving incense and candelabra.

Batushka’s new album Hospodi is out now via Metal Blade. Order your copy now.

Live shows will be announced shortly.

Posted on July 16th 2019, 3:00pm
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