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Behemoth celebrate The Satanist anniversary with The Seven Seals NFT collection

Nergal and co. have teamed up with artist Rowan E. Cassidy for their own line of non-fungible tokens…

Like Slipknot, Mike Shinoda, Megadeth, BABYMETAL and basically everyone else, Behemoth have announced the launch of their own line of NFTs, available from May 7 at 8pm BST / 3pm EST / 12pm PST.

Teaming up with artist Rowan E. Cassidy, the Polish black metallers have created the properties to mark the seventh anniversary of their album The Satanist. Each one will feature a unique image, as well as looped music remixed by bassist Tomasz Orion’ Wróblewski. 

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Speaking about the collaboration, the band said, We are proud to announce our continued collaboration with Rowan E. Cassidy: The Seven Seals NFT series as part of Rowan’s first feature on Makers Place, commissioned to celebrate the seventh anniversary of The Satanist.

Each (1 of 1) NFT consists of a looping animation with sound featuring uniquely remixed audio from The Satanist by Orion. In addition, each winning bidder will receive an original, extremely limited master’ edition print (1 of 1) cosigned by Behemoth and the artist Rowan E Cassidy, merging physical and digital art into one offering.

When Rowan approached us with the idea, we were excited to have an opportunity to put our stamp on a brand-new format for artists which enables them to take perpetual equity in their work and challenged Orion to create something really special which will document our introduction into the digital art space!”

Learn more about this release in the video below:

This is better news than February’s court ruling against Nergal, in which he was found guilty of violating Polish blasphemy laws by offending religious feelings”. For stepping on a statue of the Virgin Mary during a Me And That Man photoshoot, he was ordered to pay 15,000 Polish złoty. The frontman was, as expected, unbowed by the verdict. Will I let superstition and fundamentalist dogmas capitalize on this and EVERY other case of the same nature? FUCK NO!” he wrote on Instagram. Nigel has some ases up his sleeve… Just wait and see.”

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Posted on May 7th 2021, 2:45p.m.
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