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Biffy Clyro Are In The Studio Working On A New Album

Album number eight from Biffy Clyro is in the works…

Exciting news! Biffy Clyro are in the studio working on their eighth album, and have teased that it’s “getting hot in this kitchen”.

Since the release of their 2016 LP Ellipsis, the Scottish trio had told Kerrang! last year that they would be releasing two records, one of which would be for a new film: Balance, Not Symmetry.

“It’s for a movie directed by Jamie Adams, based around the songs on an album we’re making,” frontman Simon Neil told us at the time. “Unfortunately, timing-wise this has impacted our Ellipsis companion record, because there aren’t enough days in the year! The film will be named after the record and will share some dialogue and lyrics. The record will influence the film and then feed back to the music. It’s an unusual way to make a record, and that’s why I’m buzzing about it – it’s a different way to feel inspired.”

Now, though, Biffy also have the added task of working on their next studio effort – with Simon telling NME of its potential sound and feel: “Our next album will be a reaction to the acoustic album, it’s going to be like a tight fist. We went on tour for the unplugged record we made, I’ve played a lot of acoustic guitar the past year so I’m ready to plug in and make a racket.”

Check out the band’s latest post below.

Biffy are set to headline this year’s Isle Of Wight festival – so will we have new music in time for then? Let’s hope so…

Isle Of Wight takes place on the weekend of June 13-16 – tickets are on sale now via the Isle Of Wight Festival website.

Posted on March 27th 2019, 4:28pm
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