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Big Baggy Jesus Is Bringing Baggy Back

The San Francisco denim reseller is doing his damnedest to get loose fitting clothing back on our bodies and we thank him for it.

Here’s a fashion history lesson for you: when baggy jeans were popular people who didn’t understand made fun of people in them, then skinny jeans got popular and the people who originally didn’t understand baggy jeans had started to wear them and made fun of the skinny jeans, but now those fun-making people are wearing skinny jeans and would probably make fun of someone in baggy jeans. 

That’s fashion in a nutshell really isn’t it? It runs in 10-15 year cycles and is pushed forward by outsiders and alternative culture folks who get sick of boring people copying their look. 

San Francisco-based denim reseller TJ Marsh has been posting baggy jean inspiration on Instagram as Big Baggy Jesus since March 2016 and amassed a healthy 11.2k followers at time of writing. He’s bringing baggy jeans back because it’s time.

We’re fans of a whole ton of bands that truly defined an era of bagginess, and we’re as keen as Big Baggy Jesus to usher in a new era of roomy clothing again.

Here are some of our favourite Big Baggy Jesus insta moments:

Go follow Big Baggy Jesus here! Here’s the Deftones’ 1995 video for Bored, which contains dozens of fantastic baggy looks:

Posted on September 27th 2017, 9:41am
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