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Black Veil Brides Announce Reissue Of Their Debut Album, Re-Stitch These Wounds

Black Veil Brides have confirmed that the reissue of We Stitch These Wounds is coming very soon…

As the 10th anniversary of their debut album We Stitch These Wounds fast approaches, Black Veil Brides have confirmed their long-awaited reissue of the record, Re-Stitch These Wounds.

The Ohio glam-rockers are expected to release this new, re-recorded version of their first-ever LP on June 26 via Sumerian, having unveiled the new Luca Solo Macello-designed cover on June 17.

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Back in March last year, frontman Andy Biersack told Kerrang! of the reasoning behind the band’s decision to re-do We Stitch These Wounds: “We intend on doing the 10-year anniversary re-release and rework some of those songs. It’s funny that we’re doing it now because I’ve been trying to do it since 2013. I can remember Jake [Pitts, guitar] and I sitting on the bus going, ‘We gotta do this,’ because in just three years we were better as musicians and knowing how to be in the studio – we wanted to give those songs a fair shake.

“Sonically they’re so poor in the way they’re recorded – not by anybody’s fault, but we just didn’t have much money for what we were doing. I would love to hear what they sound like done now. Vocally, for me, I’d love to be able to sing those songs now.”

Andy continued: “Also, we intend on doing some new songs for it and everything. Jake, Jinxx [guitar] and I have been working on that and Jake’s probably going to produce the whole thing.”

Recently, Andy also teased that Black Veil Brides have “lots” of news coming soon regarding their new record. Watch this space…

Check out the Re-Stitch These Wounds artwork below:

Black Veil Brides Restitch These Wounds Cover

And watch Andy chatting about the reissue of We Stitch These Wounds – plus much, much more – below:

Posted on June 18th 2020, 1:54pm
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