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Bring Me The Horizon: “It Begins. 7pm BST Tonight…”

Here. We. Go.

After weeks of cryptic teasing, we’re finally going to be getting some answers from Bring Me The Horizon tonight.

The band have pointed to BBC Radio 1 at 7pm BST today, simply stating, “It begins.” They’ve also all changed their social media headers and profile pics to what fans are speculating is their new logo. Ooooh…

Presumably we’ll be hearing some new music at 7pm, then? Will it tie into their “Do you wanna start a cult with me?” teasers that have been popping up across the globe? Let’s hope so…

Keep your eyes peeled on tonight for updates on all things BMTH!

When we caught up with frontman Oli Sykes in our world-exclusive March cover feature, he said of Horizon’s new material:

“I don’t think any Bring Me The Horizon fan is going to be surprised at this next album sounding different to the last one. I kind of know where I want to go, but it’s also falling into place as we write the thing. We want it to be different and we want to push forward. We like the idea of breaking into the mainstream. We’re not ashamed of that, we don’t see it as selling out. We see it as a great challenge, to make music that can be adored by more people but still retain who we are. That is the goal.”

Until 7pm, let’s blast this for a few hours.

Posted on August 21st 2018, 11:00am
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