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Bring Me The Horizon’s New Music Is “Gonna Be Unexpected Again”

Oli Sykes gives an update on the future of Bring Me The Horizon

You just can’t stop Bring Me The Horizon. In the past 12 months they’ve released the 5K-rated amo album, an experimental EP with the likes of Lotus Eater and YONAKA, recorded a track for the Death Stranding soundtrack and collaborated with Halsey.

And now they’re back at it again.

Speaking on the red carpet at this year’s BRIT Awards, frontman Oli Sykes says that after a day of post-party recovery they’re going back into creative mode with plans “on having music soon, to be honest.”

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Oli goes on to explain that the vision and sound of Bring Me The Horizon is “evolving everyday”.

He continues: “The concept and the idea of what we’re thinking is different every day. We thought we might have an idea of where we want to take it, and I think there’s just gonna be a cosmic force that pulls us in different ways, so it’s gonna be unexpected again I think.”

Bring Me The Horizon attended this year’s BRIT Awards dressed as the Spice Girls, after being nominated for Best British Group.

There’s no rumoured release date for new BMTH material, so keep your eyes peeled to Kerrang! for the latest updates.

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Posted on February 19th 2020, 11:46am
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