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Brutus Announce New Album Nest

Listen to the first taste of Brutus’ new album Nest

Belgian post-hardcore three-piece Brutus have announced details of their upcoming second album Nest.

Nest is the follow-up to 2017 debut album Burst, Nest will be released March 29 through Hassle Records.

Brutus gave a short statement about the upcoming, saying: “From feeling invincible and grooving together through life to eventually losing all that you’ve built. The album Nest is a reflection of everything that came with making choices about ourselves and the ones in our nest.”

Accompanying the album announcement, Brutus have released a video for the song War, which you can watch below.

Nest is available to pre-order now on limited-edition 12” vinyl and CD, plus an EU web-store exclusive variant with limited-edition 7”.

Posted on January 25th 2019, 3:53pm
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