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Carnifex Speak Out About Virgin Trains Using Their Music

The death metal band aren’t happy!

If you haven’t seen the latest Virgin Trains advert yet, then let us break it down for you really quickly: it’s a Sliding Doors-type deal that depicts the same person living two different scenarios – in one timeline, they’re having a lovely time, being all cosy and chilled on a Virgin Train (although we all know they’re probably running 30 minutes late). The music playing during this scenario is Spandau Ballet’s Gold.

In the second timeline, they’ve decided to drive to wherever they’re off to. This ends in catastrophe – they’re stuck in traffic, break down and get arrested. All the while, Carnifex’s Answers In The Mourning is blaring over the top. Basically implying that if you’re having a shit time, you’re probably listening to metal, or are we overthinking this? 

Anyway, watch the advert below:  

The death metallers’ track is taken from their 2008 album The Diseased And The Poisoned, which came out on Victory Records. The band are no longer signed to that label, and probably have no ties with the label anymore. Considering their reaction on Twitter, it is more than likely that they weren’t consulted by Victory and have made zero pennies from the play. 

The band tweeted the following:

Whatever the band’s situation, it’s a bit sad that Virgin are linking a shit day with great heavy metal.

While you’re here, listen to Carnifex’s 2008 album The Diseased And The Poisoned.

Posted on September 18th 2017, 10:29am
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