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Check Out Beartooth’s Cover Of Wild Thing

Beartooth have done their take on The Troggs’ Wild Thing

Ohio metallers Beartooth have recorded a cover of The Troggs’ classic track wild thing.

It was first aired on July 8, during major league baseball game the T-Mobile Home Run Derby and the band have since posted the song online.

Originally recorded by UK rockers The Troggs in 1966, the song was later re-imagined by Los Angeles-based punks X, whose version appeared on the soundtrack for 1989 sports comedy, Major League, which tells the story of a fictional Cleveland baseball team.

The movie celebrates its 30th anniversary this year, hence why Beartooth have paid tribute.

Check out their take below.

Once you’re done, have a spin of their latest album…

Posted on July 12th 2019, 1:28pm
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