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Check Out High On Fire Covering A Thin Lizzy Classic

Listen to this badass cover of Thin Lizzy’s Vagabond On The Western Front by Grammy-winning stoner metallers High On Fire.

Though they’re often thought of as a good ol’ party rock band, Thin Lizzy were a huge influence on metal — which make sense, given their high-flying guitars and lyrics about drinking, murder, and ancient warriors riding across the countryside. Now, that influence has been driven home by a recent cover of their classic track Vagabond On The Western Front by Grammy-winning stoner metal crew High On Fire.

The track comes from the new album Bow To Your Masters Vol. 1: Thin Lizzy, the first in a new series of tribute collections by Glory Or Death Records, which feature artists paying tribute to those who “laid the foundation for all the great rock and metal in the world today.” The Thin Lizzy volume includes covers by bands such as Mos Generator, Goya, Wizzerd, Egypt, and others playing both Thin Lizzy favorites and some of the band’s heavier B-sides.

Listen to High On Fire crush Vagabond On The Western Front and wonder who’s doing the clear vocals:

Check out the van-appropriate cover for Bow To Your Masters Vol. 1: Thin Lizzy below:

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When he found out he was nominated for a Grammy, High On Fire frontman Matt Pike told us, “I’m kinda tripping out on that. I was just staring at my phone going, ‘What the fuck?’

High On Fire definitely has a sense of humour, and so do the Sleep guys,” he continued. “Sleep’s lyrics go deep, and High On Fire’s lyrics go deep…but I think you’ve gotta have some humility to be a serious person. To be a full human, you have to have all the emotions, to show that we’re not dead inside, and to show that we realize our mortality. As much as I try to summon [HP Lovecraft’s fictional god] Cthulhu by repeating it three times, that doesn’t mean it’s gonna actually happen!”

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Posted on April 15th 2019, 7:42pm
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