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Check Out Our Ronnie James Dio Tribute Playlist!

Eight years ago today, the world lost Ronnie James Dio, and with it, one of the finest voices rock music will ever know.

Whether with Rainbow, Black Sabbath, as his own man, in his early days with Elf, or even with Tenacious D, Ronnie James Dio’s larynx was a genuine wonder - as smooth as silk, as glistening as silver, and as powerful as every battle scene from The Lord Of The Rings. Dio sang of dragons, demons and Devils, but he also sang of courage, of fighting for what is good, and to stand up and shout, an energy that ran throughout all of his brilliant music. Plus, he gave rock the devil horns. On this day, let us celebrate the life and work of the smallest man with the biggest voice in the only appropriate manner - by getting a load of his best songs, turning them up and ripping the knob off!

Posted on May 16th 2018, 4:49pm
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