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Simply Having A Wonderful Christmas Time, Grindcore Style

The song is part of a Christmas grindcore compilation being released by Death By Digital entitled Goddamn Ye Merry Gentlemen.

Grindcore fun guys Total Fucking Destruction got super into the festive spirit and recorded this to-the-letter (not really) cover of the classic Christmas choon, Simply Having A Wonderful Christmas Time. It’s hard to find fault in something this fun:

The song is part of a Christmas grind comp being put out by label Death By Digital called Goddamn Ye Merry Gentlemen. Other artists on the release include: Vesication, Anthesis, and Clown Baby. You can pick up a copy here.

PS We love this description of the band on their last release’s Bandcamp page:

Total Fucking Destruction is not bro grind. No flailing attempts to be hard. This is gonzo, pressure-cooker grind. Three-part-harmony grind. Mood affecting, soulfully absurdly melodic, uber-fast grind. Gang vocals howled from the food court grind. Sci-fi psychedelic party grind, but with all the catharsis, veritas and gravitas you would expect from the minds behind TFD. On-the-Corner-by-Miles-Davis grind. More anger, more subversion grind. And you can dance to it! 

Posted on December 13th 2017, 12:28pm
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