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Chevelle Announce New Album of B-Sides and Rarities

The hard rock stalwarts will drop their deep-dive retrospective in late October.

Of all the bands from the late-’90s aggro movement, Chevelle were one of the best. While other bands recycled riffs and tried to sound tough and broken, Chevelle has reliably always written powerful, catchy songs that actually embody the anguish and yearning that so many other bands played at. That genuine emotion and strong musicianship has since given them eight studio albums, several platinum records, and countless tours all over the world — so thankfully, that talent hasn’t gone unnoticed.

Now, the band has announced the release of 12 Bloody Spies, a collection of B-sides and rarities. Including hard-to-find acoustic recordings, bonus tracks, and recently unearthed songs leftover from classic recording sessions, the album gives listeners a view into Chevelle’s history, as well as their songwriting and recording process along the way.

Chevelle 12 Bloody Spies

B-side and rarity albums can feel superfluous, but something about Chevelle makes this feel worthwhile. We’d certainly love to hear some tracks from the band that label gatekeepers might have considered too strange or scary for your average listener.

12 Bloody Spies won’t be out until October 26th, but fans can pre-order the album here. As an added bonus, the album’s first single, Sleep Walking Elite, can be unlocked by pre-ordering the album, so Chevelle super-fans, here’s your chance to get in before everyone else.

Check out the track listing below:

1. A Miracle
2. Sleep Walking Elite
3. In Debt To The Earth
4. Sleep Apnea (Acoustic Version)
5. The Clincher (Version 103)
6. Fizgig
7. Glimpse of the Con
8. Indifference
9. Until You’re Reformed
10. The Gist
11. Delivery
12. Leto’s Headache

Posted on September 28th 2018, 8:00pm
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