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Code Orange Remixed Alt-J And It Came Out Great

Check out the reworked versions of Adeline and Hit Me Like That Snare.

Shade Balderose of Code Orange has remixed two alt-J songs. As we said yesterday, it’s not the weird thing people are making it out to be: both bands have a Nine Inch Nails/industrial feel to them sometimes, and certain electronic moments in Code Orange’s recorded output occasionally stumble into Alt-J territory. 

Balderose plays guitar in Code Orange but also composes all the electronic parts. On the tour in support of their Forever album he sold cassettes of his industrial recordings under the name Shade.

alt-J drummer Thom Sonny Green has long been a fan of Code Orange’s music, which prompted the collaboration.

Shade explains, “I wanted to dismantle the songs entirely and completely rebuild them as if they had come from a different world, and that’s what I did. See the world with Code Orange vision.  No boxes, no boundaries, no fear.”

 alt-J was equally excited about the collaboration stating, “It’s not often we get to collaborate with heavy artists so having Code Orange step up and give us two amazing remixes is a real treat. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.”

The two tracks he remixed, Hit Me Like That Snare and Adeline, together with fantastic accompanying visuals, are right here:

Hit Me Like A Snare (Shade Code Orange Mix)

Adeline (Shade Code Orange Mix)

Listen to a YouTube rip of Shade’s industrial cassette, It’s Almost Forever, right here:

Posted on November 2nd 2017, 2:47pm
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